Spousal Support Settlements

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Spousal support describes what was once known in the state of Ohio as alimony. Where applicable, spousal support is awarded to the more financially-dependent spouse following a divorce. With rare exceptions, spousal support is a temporary arrangement and is designed to help provide for the beneficiary as they transition towards financial independence. In most cases, if the receiving spouse remarries or cohabitates, they are no longer eligible to receive spousal support.

Before awarding spousal support, the court may consider the following:

  • Income and earning capacity
  • Educational background
  • Age and health
  • Length of the marriage
  • Established standard of living
  • Child custody arrangements

Need Help with Your Spousal Support Issues?

For the last 25 years, Richard L. Morris Co., L.P.A. has helped clients in Franklin County successfully navigate the challenges of divorce. Sometimes, mutually-beneficial settlements can be reached without the intervention of the court, resulting in an uncontested divorce or a dissolution of marriage. At other times, circumstances may be too acrimonious to allow for a non-arbitrated solution. In either case, the knowledgeable divorce lawyer from our Gahanna office can make all the difference for your case, before, during, and after your divorce.

Before a settlement is reached, it may be necessary for the more financially dependent partner to receive temporary spousal support. This is especially true if the couple has already separated. At Richard L. Morris Co., L.P.A., our divorce lawyer can help you petition the judge for such an arrangement. Following the establishment of spousal support, it may be necessary to bring forth an allegation of nonpayment. Here again, our firm can make sure you receive the spousal support that's been awarded you.

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