Grandparent Rights to Visitation

Advice If You’ve Lost Access to Your Grandchildren

When it comes to divorce, the rights and interests of grandparents can be lost or ignored by the separating parents and by the courts. In recent decades, states have been working to reverse that trend, believing that an ongoing relationship with grandparents is in the child's best interests. Since 1995, the same year that Richard L. Morris Co., L.P.A. first opened its doors, the state of Ohio has maintained a process through which grandparents can enforce their visitation rights to their grandchildren.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me?

In the State of Ohio, the biological parents will always have rights to their children. Unless the parents have major issues with drug, alcohol, or a criminal history, the courts may not favor a grandparent over a parent.

According to Ohio law, court-ordered visitation can be obtained if:

  • The parents of your grandchildren are divorced or going through a divorce
  • The parents of your grandchildren are unmarried
  • A parent of your grandchild is deceased

Need Help with Grandparent Visitation?

The family lawyer at Richard L. Morris Co., L.P.A., has a 25-year track record in Franklin County. If you're being denied access to your grandchildren, even if your own son or daughter's visitation rights have been suspended, we can help restore your relationship. Your initial case evaluation is free and we're more than happy to lay out the various options available to you. Though voluntary visits are always to be preferred, the state of Ohio recognizes the crucial role grandparents play in the lives of grandchildren.

We understand how important your grandchildren are and how important it is to keep your relationship going. No matter how complicated the case, you'll find us to be direct and to the point about your options.

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