What is a Dissolution of Marriage?

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In Ohio, a marriage can be ended with a divorce if one of the spouses alleges that the other spouse has been at fault. However, what if both parties mutually agree that their marriage should end and no fault has occurred? In these cases, dissolution of marriage is a more appropriate option and offers the spouses several benefits in comparison to a lengthy and contentious divorce process.

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How Marriage Dissolution Works

The dissolution of marriage is sometimes considered a "no-fault" divorce. Because it is assumed that both spouses are in agreement about the end of their marriage, they are permitted to decide the terms of their divorce outside of court, cooperatively.

The basic steps of dissolution of marriage include:

  • Obtain a dissolution petition
  • Negotiate the dissolution terms (custody, support, property, etc.)
  • In needed, use third party professionals to assist with negotiation
  • File the completed petition with the court
  • The court will set a hearing within 90 days
  • Both spouses appear in court and swear that they are satisfied with the terms of the dissolution
  • If the court approves the submitted petition, the marriage is terminated

Because only one appearance in court is necessary and the spouses work collaboratively on their divorce terms, dissolution of marriage is not only less costly than a traditional divorce, it is usually less emotionally strenuous, as well.

Do I need a lawyer to dissolve my marriage?

Though not required, it is highly recommended that both spouses hire lawyers to help handle their marriage dissolution. Not only can counsel help you ensure that your court paperwork is properly completed, but they can guide the negotiation process and make sure it is thorough, amicable, and fair. Just because spouses are willing to work together on ending their marriage does not mean they have the legal insight to look after their own, long-term best interests.

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