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There are two ways for child custody to be determined when parents separate or go through a divorce. The first is for the parents to mutually agree upon a custody plan, with or without the help of a child custody lawyer or outside mediator. The second is for the court to issue a ruling based on the perceived best interests of the child or the children.

In determining a child's best interests, the state will consider:

  • Relationships to parents and siblings
  • School and community relationships
  • Mental and physical health
  • Competence and reliability of each parent
  • Wishes of the child

In most cases, the state of Ohio allocates primary rights and responsibilities to one parent following a divorce. If a petition is submitted for shared parenting rights with a court-approved custody plan, a judge may issue a shared parenting order which grants equal rights and responsibilities to each parent. Because shared custody arrangements demand extensive long term cooperation between both parents, judges are often reluctant to authorize such arrangements.

I'm an Unmarried Parent. Can I Get Custody?

With so many babies being born to single parents each year in Franklin County, divorce is not the only context for establishing child custody. The County believes that parents should share custody if it is in the best interest of the child, and unwed fathers can file motions for child custody and rights to parent time.

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