Securing a Protection Order in Ohio

Domestic Violence Defense Attorney in Gahanna

The purpose of a protection order is to establish legal boundaries on behalf of those who have been victimized by domestic violence, stalking, or sexual violence or assault. Though petitioning the state of Ohio for a protection order doesn't cost anything and does not often require the participation of an attorney, it is in your best interests to secure professional representation, particularly if your abuser has a lawyer of his or her own.

In the state of Ohio, any of the following is considered domestic violence:

  • Deliberate attempt to cause harm to members of your household
  • Threatening physical harm or trespassing against household members
  • Mental or physical abuse of a child in the household
  • Any sexually related offense or threats against a member of your household

If the threat of abuse comes from outside your immediate household, you should contact the police right away. Your safety should be a top priority. From there, you may take your case to court where a judge can grant you a temporary protection order until a full hearing takes place. When granted, protection orders can last up to five years.

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